Project Loan

Satguru Project Finance and Investments offers lending solutions to Ultra High Net worth (UHNW) and High Net Worth (HNW) families and individuals across the globe. We work to promote sustainable growth and provide Business Solutions by supporting the Small, Medium and Large Scale Enterprises by providing funds in short span of time. We are mainly financing projects that are ranging from INR 1Cr to INR 2000 Cr

Need for Project Loans

The need for project loans arises due to a variety of reasons. First and foremost would be the establishment of a whole new project, say a new factory or putting into motion an infrastructure project whose sanction has already been received (typically from the government). Then there are established and long running businesses which have urgent needs for working capital for smooth running of their existing projects – again project loans prove invaluable. Yet another requirement which crops up regularly is that of business expansion; with time businesses grow – or perhaps have a large project which comes up out of the blue, for which they need funds on an urgent basis, which are provided with the help of project loans.

Project Loans in India
Project loans in India are available with reasonable ease. Thanks to the growing nature of the economy, banks and other lenders are all more than willing to lend out project loans to worthy individuals and businesses. Of course they do their due diligence so only after thorough scrutiny against requisite criteria are project loans actually sanctioned.

We majorly finance in mentioned areas:-
– Gujrat
– Maharastra especially Pune, Mumbai
– Entire South with an emphasis on Bangalore, Hyderabad, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Cochin, Chennai.

Forms of Project Loans

Given the diverse needs for which project loans are required – as stated above, the forms of project loans themselves take on a large variety of hues.

Term Loans

Term loans are typically the most common type of project loan where the term of the loan is clearly specified (hence the name). Collateral is almost always a MUST, which is either equal to the loan itself or in most cases, greater than it. Typical repayment periods would be in the range of 5 to 15 years. Documentation for all such loans is very thorough and failure to provide all the necessary documents can render the loan invalid.

Unsecured Loans

These are contrary to term loans since there is no collateral arrangement in place here. As a result, conditions tend to be very stringent with regard to minimum turnover criteria which can be thoroughly verified through balance sheets and other account or financial statements. That is the reason new businesses can find it extremely challenging to avail unsecured loans.

Loan against Property

This is akin to a term loan, but while there the collateral can be just about any suitable item, here the collateral is particularly the property which is held. So against the value of that property, a project loan is doled out.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are one of the most flexible kinds of project loans since they can be put to use as per the borrower’s discretion. The only restriction would be the fact that these loans are typically small in nature so they would suit small businesses rather than big ones. Documentation remains stringent nonetheless.


Project loans are an excellent way to ensure smooth functioning and operation of your business. In a growing economy like India, project loans are vital and therefore easily available with most major lenders. Yet, with terms and conditions being stringent, make sure that you genuinely fulfill the specifications/criterion for these loans and have the necessary documentation in place to back your claims.

Our Major Highlights

– Easy Documentation Process
– Fast Approval
– Quick Funding
– Lowest ROI
– No Pre-Closure Charges
– Affordable Processing Fees