Consultancy Services

Satguru Group is acting as a Consultancy which continually strives to provide small to large enterprises with a complete financial solution to maximize their business growth we act as your partner to support and grow your business to take it to the next level delivery cost affecting solution across geography with a flexibility that is unmatched by our competitors. We are here for providing quality service to the customers and our practicing Corporate Social Responsibility ensuring highest level of client satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that you get the funds at the time you need most by treating you with dignity and respect.
Imagine a situation where as a business owner you are in urgent need of funds, have all the documentation in place to fulfill the specified criteria, and indeed are eligible for the loan in question and yet, for some unforeseen reason are not being entertained. Clearly, the frustration would be overbearing. So what do you do? Well, that is where we at Satguru Financial Services come into the picture with our comprehensive range of financial services on offer.
At the core of our services lies the intuitive ability to connect borrowers with lenders in a manner where loan-sanction is practically full field. This ability and the level of confidence that comes with it, is clearly very rare to find. Yet over the years we have been able to play the role of a perfect “matchmaker” in ensuring that worthy borrowers connect with credible lenders so that both their objectives are met leading to a win-win situation for all.

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This has of course come with a lot of dedication and hard work. We have painstakingly built long term relations with lenders wherein they are able to place faith in us whenever we bring forth a creditworthy borrower in front of them. This gives these lenders the much needed reassurance with regard to safety of their money that it is in fact landing in just the right hands.
Additionally, we also assist borrowers with their documentation and paperwork. That way, borrowers are in turn assured of being fully prepared with all the necessary papers much before they head towards the lenders. This in turn leads to avoidance of any disappointment which would otherwise obviously set in if the lenders in question were inadequately prepared with regard to their paperwork. So we play the role of advisor and mentor in this matter perfectly so that all documents and paperwork are perfectly in place.
An unmistakable aspect about Satguru Financial Services is that while we are physically based in Ajmer, Rajasthan, thanks to our intuitive pan-India network of professionals as well as especially our online presence, we are reachable from anywhere and can in turn provide financial assistance just about anywhere. That in turn has proven to be a major advantage to all our clients.

Our Values
We work on the basis of following principles:-

Work in accordance to certain technical and professional standards.
Always honest to our clients
Maintain a high standard of competence
Respect clients’ confidentiality
Keep organization up-to-date with best business practice
Highly professional work
Satisfactory Solution
Focus on equity solution